Saturday, June 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Dr Pepper!

Today was Dublin Dr. Pepper's Birthday. We drove about 2 hrs to go celebrate it in Dublin, Tx. It was a little hot, but other than that it was a lot of fun. There were free museum and bottling company tours. There was also an arts and crafts kind of show going on. They had a magician and a band. We never did see the magician because we kept forgetting to go back to the stage at the right time. Here are some pictures.

My Daughter and a Dr Pepper fan.

The sign over the bottling factory.

Two really cool DP trucks in front of the Bottling factory.

The town is renamed to Dr Pepper, TX for a week a year in celebration. Notice the population is 10-2-4, the actual population is a little over 3000. The man wearing pink pants was an Elvis impersonator. He served me some fajitas. I said thank you, he said "Thank you, Thank you very much". It was rather amusing to me.

This place makes Dr Pepper floats that are worth the drive on their own.

Here is a shot of the bottling process. These ones are complete and awaiting three shakes to mix the soda water and the syrup and then the light inspection to check for foreign debris, coloration and cracks.