Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Radio silence...

Well we're almost ready to go to Afghanistan. We'll be in the field with out internet for about a week, and then shortly afterward I'll be catching a long airplane ride. I may post before then, but I don't expect too. Don't worry though, I'll be plenty bored once I'm over with lots of crazy people talks to write about. Until then, enjoy yourself with a video from CDK007.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Raised that way...

People tend do a lot of things because thats how they were raised. They never specifically made a decision to do it a particular way, that's just how their parents did it. I speak English, eat Americanized food, and I use the American Standard for all of my measuring. I think its a confusing system, I still have problems with it, and yet I still use it. At one point I had no choice, but now that I do it's so ingrained that I drag my feet. I was looking for a good way to fully use the metric system exclusively when XKCD posted the above comic, Converting to Metric. It seems like a good way to start converting, and it's got Firefly references. I wonder if I can find metric measuring spoons to make my yummy cookies with my daughter.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Cuttlefish VS AIG

Apparently Digital Cuttlefish and AIG are having a battle of epic proportions. Err, well, not really a battle, DC is just negotiating a realignment of the celestial Google ratings, but with the way creationists blow things out of proportion, (like the "war on christmas"), this will probably be seen as an act of war. So, if you like Digital Cuttlefish, then maybe throw up a link to him(?) on your blog to help spread the word. If you've never heard of the Digital Cuttlefish, then go over and check it out. You'll enjoy it. There are lots of cuttlefish over there.