Sunday, October 5, 2008

In polite company... Healthcare

I think it's a grand idea to have health care for all. I'm not sure how exactly it should be funded. I would hate for taxes to be higher so that I can pay for other peoples health care and get rid of the great health care I get through my job. I know that sounds selfish, but honestly I don't see why I should pay for someones survival when I have a long list of things that I need to spend the money on for my family's welfare.

I've also had "free" health care before. I spent four years on active duty military, and an additional two years after that my wife was active duty. If the government's health care is anything like the army health care than it's not worth it. People went to the doctor way to often simply because it was free. Every little cough or sniffle sent people into the waiting room. The doctors had no incentive to give good care. They didn't give a rat's ass in most cases (There were a few good doctors). Everyone was over worked, under appreciated and bitter. I also don't like being forced to do something. If I'm getting taxed an extra 500 dollars a month for health care that sucks, I'd much rather take my money and buy my own. I guess it comes down to how well it was managed. If it's run like medicare and social security have been run then I'd rather keep my money. So I guess I'm for it if they do it right, but I'm mostly against it because I don't think they can. I also don't have the slightest idea how running it the right way would even work. I don't think I would recognize a good plan for universal health care if I saw one. If they could fix all the other disastrous government programs then I would be a lot less hesitant to support government health care.