Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Go Betty Go

The last post made me think of Go Betty Go, so I thought I'd give you a taste and share a short story.

I went to see Flogging Molly in concert, but had never heard of the two bands that were opening for them. One was called Boston Harbor I think, and the other one was Go Betty Go. While listening to Boston Harbor, I went out into the lobby where you can hear just as well to get some drinks and check out the few vendors that were out there. There were a few tables set up with Go Betty Go merchandise all over it; Shirts, demo cds, stickers, etc. There were four girls behind the tables that were really cool. I was bs'ing with them, finding out about the band, trying to get some free stuff. They were a lot of fun, laughing and joking, it was almost like hanging out with old buddies. I wasn't really interested in the band that was playing, so I sat down and hung out with them. All of a sudden, they were like "Hey, we gotta go! We'll be back in a bit. You should watch us inside." I went into the theatre, and they all got on stage and started playing! I was pretty shocked, I just thought they were sales clerks. They were so cool and laid back, and they were the band. They weren't very big at the time, and they aren't huge now, although they are bigger than they were then. They were on the Fantastic Four soundtrack, and a national deodorant(?) commercial. After the show we talked a little more. I bought their cd, and they took a picture with me. It was pretty fun because they were just regular chicks.

Quite awhile later, maybe a year or so, they opened for some latino band at the same theatre. The band they opened up for had a following of an older conservative hispanic demographic. Basically everyone was there for the other band, and except for their kids, I don't think anyone was under 35 years old. They were all dressed up and ready to salsa. It was a weird booking putting a punk band as there opener. I guess the only reason was to find a larger audience and because some of their songs had a latin twist to them even though they are very punk rock. So me and my friends were there kind of out of place, and only to see Go Betty Go. Before the show they recognized me from the previous show. We talked a little, and then they went on stage. The whole show they basically played just for my friends and I. We knew the lyrics to all their songs, and no one else even knew who they were or even liked their genre. It was a blast.

Since then they have lost the lead singer and the bassist, and now have a new singer. Except for some songs on myspace I haven't really heard the new singer, but they still sound fun. I don't really keep up with music like I used to. It's still fun to reminisce though.