Sunday, April 20, 2008

What if I'm wrong?

I watched a video of Richard Dawkins being asked "What if you are wrong?".

I thought about it last night, and found myself thinking of it this morning, so I figured it might be a good topic to talk about. It's funny how when logic is used, many people can independently come up with the same, or similar answer, and when a lack of logic is used, thousands are made.

If I'm wrong, and atheism was a foolish endeavor, then that begs you to ask another very interesting question. What religion was right? Obviously a christian would say (or hope) that it was their religion, a muslim the same, etc for thousands of gods. Wait, did I say thousands? Yes, I said thousands.

So, I guess the answer to "What if you're wrong?", can't really be answered now. I need to know which god was "right". How should I decide which god is correct? If someone can show me an effective way of deciding, I'll gladly renounce atheism and start worshiping which ever god it is. I'm ready, and willing to burn some sacrifices. Of course when I say sacrifices I mean steaks, and when I say burn, I actually mean medium rare. Anyone see where I put my tongs?

P.S. If we were to say, put bets on this, then my money is on BUMBA, mostly because of his evolationist (evolution + creation = evolation) way of creating everything, and because of the eerie similarity between the big bang and Bumba's....vomiting? Oh just click the link, you'll see.