Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I'm an Atheist

The title of this blog is "New Minority". I chose that title because I'm an Atheist. As an Atheist I'm part of the largest minority that has ever been. Christians and Muslims unite against Atheists. The American public would rather elect a person of any race, religion, sex, or nationality to public office than to elect an Atheist. To a religious person someone of a different religion at least has the common belief of a higher being, even if they don't agree on any other facet of religion.

An Atheist is someone who does not believe in a god. An atheist is not by default an anarchist, a communist, a satan worshiper, or an immoral person. As an atheist I'm not any of these things.

This blog is to talk about what is going on in my life, and to put into writing my beliefs (or really my lack there of), and how I have come to them. If you have an open mind, and would like to get to know a fellow human a little more intimately, please read more. The posts will probably make more sense if read from oldest to newest, even though I will try to make each post stand independently.